Diary of a Yogi

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The concept of yoga seemed easy to master – cute clothes, seemingly easy positions, a mat, and perhaps some blocks or blankets to help maintain your position while you meditated. Of course, I discovered there was more to yoga than squeezing myself into yoga pants and trying to hold positions that often seemed impossible; I had to figure out how to release my anxiety, stop worrying about my butt being in the air, and feel comfortable with my body, with coordinating the uncoordinated.

Like some beginning yogis, I began learning yoga at home to learn the various positions while also learning how to breathe through my poses. My teachers were Tony from P90X and a myriad of YouTube yogi, the classic collection of expert and enthusiastic motivators, and detached from my experience. This method allowed me to avoid the embarrassment of the public class and my rudimentary technique. The point of class was to perform, to be perfect in knowing the poses and behaving in unison with fellow yogis, not to show I was not a true yogi.

Oh, how this failed! I could not keep my eyes on the screen to ensure I was mimicking the positions while also viewing myself in a mirror to ensure my body was doing what I wanted it to do. I needed feedback - guidance to improve my poses and someone to tell me to how to breathe; I needed to attend a yoga class. 

And that is what I did. I sought out a yoga class via ClassPass for my experience level and was inspired to purchase yoga apparel that made me feel comfortable, confident, and supported in the right places.  

The class focused on meditation and relaxation, less about knowing the poses, but more about releasing the tension from within and stretching. An expert yogi was teaching me, and other people, how to relax. Can you tell this is what I needed? This teacher was sure to assist each student with their experience by suggesting changes in positions for decreased tension and physically adjusting the person and/or their supportive blankets or blocks. 

I left this class feeling relieved of most of my anxiety towards public yoga and my lack of coordination. I gained insight into mindful movement and a bit of soreness the following morning. 

Months later, I still attend the occasional class and am wearing my Dress2Dazzle activewear for life in the studio and beyond. While the activewear selection offers ease of mobility, moving from pose to pose, the versatility and high-quality of these items means I can easily transition from my exercise routine to running errands without suffering a lack of style or comfort. 

To me, yoga is about being in the moment, disengaging from thoughts that deplete my energy, and reconnecting to my true self. It is a pleasure to practice and to dress in clothing that inspires my healthy experiences.

- Brenda Irvin

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