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The clothes that you wear tell a story about who you are. What do you want to present to the world? Are you confident? Quirky? A professional? 

The clothes that we wear have more of an effect on our mindset then we may realize. If you’re feeling blue, it can be incredibly refreshing to just put on some nice clothes. It may seem silly but once you put on something that you feel good in, your mood starts to improve.

This also works for manifesting the type of life that you want. When you start to envision the person that you want to be, your brain doesn’t differentiate between what you imagine and what the reality is. This way you can “trick” your brain into having the life that you want.

Once you are envisioning your ideal life, then you can start to achieve it! A simple step that you can take is to start dressing the part. It is a small step to achieving your dreams, but the important thing is that you are moving forward in the right direction!

When you take the first step (and it’s an easy one!) then you can move onto the next step and the next, until eventually, you have achieved your goals! Start envisioning the person you want to be. What does she do every day? What does she wear? What are the clothes that make her feel her best and accomplish all of her tasks?

Maybe you’re dreaming of a promotion at your job. Maybe you want to be one of those higher execs with a corner office and a dreamy salary. One way to start achieving that goal is to start dressing the part. If you’ve ever watched What Not To Wear you’ll remember Stacey London’s constant refrain of “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have” and she’s right of course!

Check out these sleek, and professional dresses that you can start wearing to the office to up your game and prove to everyone that you belong in a powerful job.

Maybe your goal is to be more confident in yourself and one way to do that is to start dressing in clothes that you feel great in. We know that as a woman it isn’t always easy to feel good about your body. Women are constantly told that they’re too big, or too small, or too hairy, or whatever else the media wants to shove down our throats these days. That’s why the clothes you wear need to make you feel amazing. 

Check out this unique band-styled dress called Bandy. With golden laurel leaf embellishments and a sharp, powerful collar, you’ll feel like you’re leading armies into battle (or leading your army of girlfriends to conquer a night out)! There is no way that you won’t feel powerful and confident in this outfit. 

Another way to trick your brain is with workout clothes! Many people have unfulfilled workout goals. It can be so hard to find the motivation to actually make it to the gym. But a simple first step is to just put on your workout clothes. Even if you don’t feel like going to the gym, the act of putting on workout gear can inspire you to start working out. That’s especially true if you have a snazzy workout outfit – you’ll want to show it off for sure! Our workout wear is fun, flexible, and designed to make you feel great about your body. Like these beautiful geometric-patterned leggings in multiple shades of blue!

We want you to feel great about the clothes that you are in and we understand that that happens when you are confident in your choices. Getting dressed is not just about putting clothes on your body, but matching how you feel on the inside to what you are putting on the outside.

Once you envision it, then you can achieve it! Start wearing the clothes that your ideal self would wear, and then voila you are one step closer to becoming that ideal version of yourself! That’s why at Dress2Dazzle we have such a wide variety of styles to choose from. We want to help you become your very best self! Take a look at all of our fantastic outfits and feel inspired to get out there and start achieving your goals! 



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    nicely written piece… actually inspirational! Don’t you think the blog should include author’s name? Just saying. Enjoyed meeting you tonight. you have an exciting niche. Bill is right… welcome to the chamber.

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