How to Style A Statement Piece

The Crystal-O Jumpsuit



















At Dress2Dazzle we don’t believe in boring clothes! Lots of fashion bloggers tend to play it safe with simple grey and black pieces. Classic pieces are obviously great things to own, but it can tend to get rather blah if that’s the only thing in your wardrobe. We believe in clothes that stand out and, well, dazzle!

We love bold patterns, bright colors, unique details, and single pieces that can serve as a full outfit. Lots of women tend to shy away from statement pieces but we say don’t hide yourself away! Statement pieces can be used to create multiple outfits with one piece that you really, really love. Don’t let bold, beautiful and patterned pieces languish in your closet! Check out these tips for making the most of your statement pieces.

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    Your Single Pieces collections were amazing. Here @ India mostly north Indian women’s would love to wear, also the pricing is definitely affordable to them, but we can’t underestimate the south Indians, trends are gradually changing here, especially your yoga pants, tracksuits, jumpsuits, and rompers, since nowadays girls and ladies started caring about their fitness, so all these fitness purpose dresses may rock.

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