Men’s Fashion: 5 Reasons a tracksuit should be included in your wardrobe

Tracksuits have come a long way. Back in the days, they were only acceptable to wear when you were at the gym or jogging. Now they have become a fashion staple in closets for athletes, celebrities, and the everyday person. No longer reserved for the gym or in the privacy of your home, the sporting two-piece is now a style that is on the rise. And for a good reason. Tracksuits are not only stylish but comfortable too and have many benefits whether you are wearing them for sportswear or for everyday use. Below, we have put together some benefits of adding a tracksuit to your wardrobe

Calorie Burn

A tracksuit can be utilized in many ways, one of them being for working out (which is its main purpose). While a tracksuit itself does not directly burn calories, the extra weight of the suit can lead to increased body temperature.

The higher your body temperature gets, the more your metabolism increases which lead to more calorie burn overall. When your body is warmer, your body goes into overdrive to keep you cool. All this extra energy is making your body work harder.


While sweating can be beneficial to your health, you don’t want it lingering to your body. It can cause irritation and is downright unpleasant.

Tracksuits are made from fabrics that are breathable and allow free flow of air around the skin. The material plays a crucial role in wicking away moisture which draws sweat away from the body and keeps you cool and dry. This results in a more comfortable workout.

Protects skin

Heatstroke is a very serious form of heat illness that can be fatal. The more you are exposed to the sun, the greater your risk of falling victim to this condition. A tracksuit can reduce the amount of UV your skin takes in and protect you against the harmful rays of the sun. This keeps you from overheating, which is very important especially during the very hot months when overheating can lead to heatstroke.

A tracksuit also covers the majority of your body protecting your skin from sun damage and mosquito bites.


Comfort is the key to anything you wear. And tracksuits are no different. Their main purpose is for working out, but you can also use them for everyday use and you want to ensure you will be comfortable. As noted above, most tracksuits are made from the finest quality which is comfortable and breathable so you can always feel comfortable no matter what activity you're engaging in.

Improves Mobility

The significance of mobility while exercising can’t be overlooked. Because of the material tracksuits are made from they there’s a freedom of movement when you are wearing them. Being able to move your body freely allows you to remain engaged and enhances comfortable body movement resulting in overall better performance.

Tracksuits come in all shapes and styles. Some are made for different purposes than others. Just remember that there is a wide variety of tracksuit materials that can fit your needs and preferences. They can all be worn in various climates and are made to fit any individual. The key is to find one that fits you and your workouts (or other activity) comfortably and offers mobility. So find one that gives you both.  

While you’re here be sure to take a look at some of our tracksuit collections.


Kinzie Tracksuit

The Kinzie tracksuit offers active comfort and casual style. Made from premium quality material, this tracksuit increases mobility and freedom of movement. The “Active-Dry” technology absorbs sweat which helps you to perform your best while keeping you dry and protecting you from environmental dangers. These features provide you comfort as well as all-round protection.


Emerge Tracksuit

Our Emerge tracksuit has all the same benefits as the Kinzie tracksuit with a few notable differences. Unlike the Kinzie tracksuit, the Emerge includes an optional zip-up hood and comes in three different colors for personal preference. It features an elastic waistband and tapered pants. Multiple pockets are ideal for storing small items. Perfect for optimal coverage and style




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