Top 5 Exercise Motivators

It’s March and by now, we have either perfected our resolutions or thrown the ideas to the wolves. Some of us chose to travel, attend social events, gain more financial freedom, or the most widely talked about resolution, exercise.

According to a survey conducted by NPR and The Marist Poll in 2018, forty-four percent of us choose to make resolutions and of that ambitious bunch, thirteen percent of us choose the painstaking journey of challenging our body to reach its physical peak. We know exercising attributes to a healthier lifestyle, staves off disease, and even helps with mental health. But how does one change their mindset and commit to an exercise routine when they have successfully conformed to a sedentary life?

Speaking as a former exercise science major and someone who struggled to commit to fitness, here is what works for me:

Schedule It

Being realistic here: I am a busy Millennial who may be bogged down with commitments to professional or social activities, forgetting my health is the only reason I am able to do anything. So, I maintain a block calendar for everything, ensuring I designate time for personal conditioning. This time may be used for meditating, running, or going to the gym or studio. Whatever it is, it’s purposely included in my schedule for the week. Pro Tip: Don’t forget about travel time.

Choose Something You Enjoy

The chance to explore different classes through my gym subscription app allows me to attend single classes in whatever I choose, without a commitment to the gym or studio. Thus far, I have completed classes in spinning, yoga, kick-boxing, and pilates. And it is safe to say spinning is my favorite exercise activity, with yoga as a close second. Since I like what I am doing, I am excited to attend the class or session.

Location. Location. Location.

The closer the studio, gym, or fitness center is to my job or more home, the more likely I am to attend. I found a studio on the route to and from work, so it’s hard to miss and travel time is rarely an issue. The convenient and in-my-face location is a constant reminder I need to exercise and that I am paying for a service. Plus, I stay prepared with a gym bag of Dress2Dazzle activewear in my car to make sure I am ready to workout at any time, eliminating an excuse to skip the studio I see everyday. 

Thank & Reward Yourself

Positive feedback for a job well done is not exclusive to my professional or academic life. After I commit to working out three times a week, I like to indulge with a healthy, yet tasty snack from a whole foods location such as Clean Juice, Naperville. They have a great selection of organic treats that keep me on track with nutritional goals. It’s easy to grab their avocado toast along with a latte or any number of the items from their regular or seasonal menu. I leave satisfied and always look forward to my next visit. 

Take A Friend

I sync my workout schedule with friends who are excellent motivators and then the magic happens! When I do not feel like exercising, or when I go and I am struggling to complete 5 miles on the treadmill or my cycling speed is suffering, I know I can count on a friend to push me. S/he will call or text to see if I am heading to the gym and then show me how dedicated they are when we are in class. They let me know when I am killing it or when I need to try harder, never letting me forget my goals.

It is easy to make exercise our goal, but we all need a little help sometimes. Do not forget the importance of realistic motivators and self-discipline. Share your fitness goals with others, see how you can gain inspiration that encourages you to commit to a healthier you. And never forget you are a bad*ss no matter what!

Keep dazzlin’!


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